live music in Houston

Where to Listen to Live Music in Houston

Live Music in Houston

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When you think of Houston, you probably think of gigantic oil refineries, terrible humidity, and a bad baseball club – hardly the image of one of the country’s most promising cities.

But do you know it’s the country’s leading job creator, with 26 Fortune 500 enterprises?  

With a vibrant restaurant & cultural scene, the city is a strong contender for the title of the best city in America. In addition, the is what attracts tourists to visit the city again and again. Let’s know some wonderful spots to catch live music. 

Firehouse Salon 

The owners of this rustic facility are both firefighters. The Firehouse Salon features a variety of genres, including country music. It boasts a complete bar and a spacious dance floor, and it has hosted several big-name performers, including Miranda Lambert. Comedy evenings & up-and-down Houston talent concerts are also held at Firehouse Salon. Locals appreciate the Firehouse’s affordability, with tickets beginning at just dollar 10.

Warehouse Live 

Warehouse Live is frequently voted Houston’s best live music venue. It has 3 stages and is one of the most diversified musical genre collections in the world. It is at a fantastic downtown Houston location and is easily accessible. A Trap Karaoke, a comedy tour, and a burlesque show are just a few of the forthcoming events. Arrive early for the event because most of the performances are public admission with standing room only.

Anderson Fair 

Anderson Fair has a good reputation and hosts local musicians looking to further their careers in music. For the past 50 years, the facility has provided a large stage for Houston artists to perform on, and it has become a popular local hangout. The small setting is ideal for enjoying live music without the hassle of large crowds or expensive tickets. The venue also includes an on-site restaurant where you can have a traditional Texas lunch before seeing a live show.

The White Oak Music Hall 

Since the 1970s, Houston has had live music at the White Oak Music Hall. It is located just outside of downtown and hosts over 400 live music performances each year. The arena is 7 acres in size and has three stages. For up-and-coming musicians, the upstairs venue offers a more intimate setting. The music hall on the ground floor can hold up to 1,000 people and features a standing area, a unique mezzanine, and two external balconies. The outdoor venue, which can hold up to 3,000 people, is a fan favorite in the hot Houston weather.

The House of Blues 

The House of Blues is one of Houston’s newest music venues, but it has already defined itself as one of the top places to see live music. The House of Blues includes a full restaurant and bar on-site, in addition to featuring top talent in the 1,000-seat main area. On Sundays throughout the month, it also holds a world-famous Gospel Brunch. While eating delectable waffles, attendees can listen to live classical & contemporary gospel music.

You can add these top 5 live music venues to your list. If you are the one who loves watching various live performances along with music, then don’t worry; you will find different shows of creative arts in Houston, such as performing arts, comedy shows, dance, and much more.

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