Like To Get Away and Have Fun? Here’s How To Make a Business Out Of It.

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The definition of recreation-based franchising is essentially an industry based on having fun. These business models are hinged on physical activities, vacation planning, family entertainment, sports coaching, apparel and equipment sales and various hobby and leisure-based businesses. If any of these concepts have brought you entertainment and joy, why not consider investigating a business opportunity that brings the same amount of happiness to others? Here in the U.S., there’s quite the reputation for working hard and playing hard. We’re beginning to choose experiences over material possessions — especially the younger generation, who are inquiring about the franchising industry in increasing numbers. Most of the population is willing to pay good money for experiences that are exciting and memorable. Now, as the owner of a recreation franchise, you can be the one that provides that outlet for consumers.

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Recreation-related franchise opportunities by type

Vacation planning franchises are doing particularly well in the current market. As the pandemic continues to recede, people are returning to airports in droves. With multiple tours and charters, there is a wide variety of options in the travel industry.

Another booming sector is sports-related concepts. It’s not uncommon for many to live and die by the fortunes of the professional teams they follow, but also have a desire to participate themselves. With a recreation-based franchise, you could be the owner of a kid-friendly trampoline park. Or run a dance studio. Or establish an axe-throwing venue. Or operate a climbing gym. Or own a motorcycle rental agency.

Also, you don’t need to be an expert — or a daredevil — to get in on a recreation-related business. With franchising’s proven business models and corporate support, you’ll receive the training and operational help you need to help your concept thrive.

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Which recreation-related franchises top the current list?

The top-ranked recreation-based franchise in this year’s Franchise 500 is Urban Air Adventure Park. Coming in at No. 46 overall, it’s a family entertainment center and party destination featuring wall-to-wall trampolines. Dream Vacations, a comprehensive travel agency business, is close behind, taking the 82nd overall spot. They’re up to nearly 1,500 locations nationwide and the past three years has seen an 11.9% increase in awarded units. The rest of these recreation-related franchises are a mix of opportunities, each one with their own unique value proposition for delivering excitement, entertainment, and leisure. To view the full list and see which recreation-related franchises earned a spot on Entrepreneur’s prestigious Franchise 500 list, simply follow this link.

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