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Interplay between charge order and superconductivity at nanoscale — ScienceDaily

Scientists have been relentlessly working on understanding the fundamental mechanisms at the base of high-temperature superconductivity with the ultimate goal to design and engineer new quantum materials superconducting close to room temperature. High temperature superconductivity is something of a holy grail for researchers studying quantum materials. Superconductors, which conduct electricity without dissipating energy, promise to […]

Study finds some UK moth species are struggling to move northwards in response to climate change — ScienceDaily

Moths struggling to move north to adapt to climate change in the UK could be assisted by pinpointing areas where habitat restoration can give them a smoother journey. New research by the University of Liverpool, Rothamsted Research, Butterfly Conservation and the University of Reading combined real data gathered by volunteers with new computer simulations for […]

Novel preclinical drug could have potential to combat depression, brain injury and cognitive disorders — ScienceDaily

James Bibb, Ph.D., and colleagues have described a novel preclinical drug that could have the potential to combat depression, brain injury and diseases that impair cognition. The drug, which notably is brain-permeable, acts to inhibit the kinase enzyme Cdk5. Cdk5 is a crucial regulator of signaling in brain neurons. Over three decades of study, it […]

Which is better for bees? — ScienceDaily

How effective environmental measures in agriculture are for biodiversity and wild bee populations depends on various factors and your perspective. This is shown by agroecologists from the University of Göttingen, Germany and the Centre for Ecological Research in Vácrátót, Hungary. The research team found that when assessing the effectiveness of different measures, whether in the […]

Scientists have successfully synthesized graphyne, which has been theorized for decades — ScienceDaily

For over a decade, scientists have attempted to synthesize a new form of carbon called graphyne with limited success. That endeavor is now at an end, though, thanks to new research from the University of Colorado Boulder. Graphyne has long been of interest to scientists because of its similarities to the “wonder material” graphene — […]

Superconductivity and charge density waves caught intertwining at the nanoscale — ScienceDaily

Room-temperature superconductors could transform everything from electrical grids to particle accelerators to computers — but before they can be realized, researchers need to better understand how existing high-temperature superconductors work. Now, researchers from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, the University of British Columbia, Yale University and others have taken a step in […]

Research reveals surprising inactivation mechanism for a voltage-gated ion channel — ScienceDaily

Scientists at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are studying voltage-gated ion channels (VGICs). Their work revealed a previously unknown mechanism of inactivation for one such channel that plays an important role in how neurons and muscles respond to electric signals sent by the nervous system. A paper on the work appeared today in Molecular Cell. […]