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Research confirms eastern Wyoming Paleoindian site as Americas’ oldest mine — ScienceDaily

Archaeological excavations led by Wyoming’s state archaeologist and involving University of Wyoming researchers have confirmed that an ancient mine in eastern Wyoming was used by humans to produce red ocher starting nearly 13,000 years ago. That makes the Powars II site at Sunrise in Platte County the oldest documented red ocher mine — and likely […]

‘Sting’ protein’s efforts to clean up brain cell damage may speed Parkinson’s disease progress — ScienceDaily

In studies with mouse and human tissue, as well as live mice, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers report that a snag in the normal process of cleaning up broken DNA in brain cells may hasten the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Specifically, the researchers found that a protein dubbed “STING” responds to clean-up signals in brain cells […]

Data from birding apps offer utility to researchers and managers — ScienceDaily

Using the eyes and ears of public volunteers can stretch the reach of science, according to a new analysis from Erica Stuber from the Department of Wildland Resources and the Ecology Center. Stuber and a team of researchers examined the accuracy of information produced by citizen science apps for monitoring bird populations. They compared publicly-produced […]

Genomic differences selected through evolution may offer clues as to why COVID-19 outcomes vary widely — ScienceDaily

Though underlying medical conditions play an important role, many aspects of why COVID-19 severity can differ vastly from one to another has remained unclear. A new study identifies dozens of genomic variations that may drive these hard-to-predict differences in clinical outcomes. According to work led by University of Pennsylvania scientists, genomic variants in four genes […]

Finding could lead to interventions to combat infertility, delay reproductive aging — ScienceDaily

Male pheromones just might be the fountain of youth for aging female animals’ eggs, according to a new Northwestern University study. In the new study, researchers used the tiny transparent roundworm C. elegans, a well-established model organism commonly used in biology research. Exposure of female roundworms to male pheromones slowed down the aging of the […]

Increasing urban greenery could have prevented at least 34,000 US deaths over two decades — ScienceDaily

A new analysis on greenery and mortality found that between 34,000-38,000 deaths could have been reduced with local increases in green vegetation in US metropolitan areas. Increasing greenery in US urban areas may substantially reduce mortality of all causes, according to a new study led by Boston University School of Public Health researchers. Published in […]

A new study details which species are super spreaders — ScienceDaily

When it comes to avian influenza, more commonly known as bird flu, all birds are not created equal. “The scientific community has become accustomed to speaking about influenza viruses in birds as a group, but birds are an incredibly diverse taxa of animals with different natural history, physiology, and anatomy,” says Jonathan Runstadler, professor and […]

Scientists have discovered a new type of fossilization — ScienceDaily

An international team of scientists from UCL (University College London), the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Natural History Museum (London) and the University of Florence have found a remarkable type of fossilisation that has remained almost entirely overlooked until now. The fossils are microscopic imprints, or “ghosts,” of single-celled plankton, called coccolithophores, that lived in […]

Badly cooked food at the epic feast — ScienceDaily

A new analysis of ancient faeces found at the site of a prehistoric village near Stonehenge has uncovered evidence of the eggs of parasitic worms, suggesting the inhabitants feasted on the internal organs of cattle and fed leftovers to their dogs. Durrington Walls was a Neolithic settlement situated just 2.8km from Stonehenge, and dating from […]